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Tongue handpan by Primal Wonders


First thought I enthusiastically had as a boy when I first saw and heard some musical instrument live was: I want to play this too! But, soon after rehearse I realized I don’t know how, and adults would explain to me that it was necessary to go to music school to know how to play. Disappointed and discouraged, I would walk away from the instrument. That discouragement kept me away from the instruments until my adulthood.

Encouraged by my own experiences, we present the Primal drum, a tongue handpan drum by Primal Wonders. It has some characteristics of tongue drum, steel drum and handpan. It is a rhythmic-melodic instrument with intuitive character, which means that neither prior knowledge, nor music theory, nor musical experience is required for playing it. It is played with sticks with rubber tips or hands (fingers). This instrument not only can be played by young people and adults, but children too (read HERE why Primal drum is valuable for your children!), starting from their early age (for example even two-years old, according to their abilities) all the way to preschool and school age. It is made of steel, so it is extremely resistant and easy to maintain.


Unlike “classic” instruments where there are precisely defined rules and techniques of how to play, Primal drum is played intuitively, without certain rules and given techniques. There is no place for mistakes while playing, there is only an open space for musical research and development. Precisely because of that open space, both a two-year old and a musically experienced person can play Primal drum at the first contact with it! There will be no lack of satisfaction with any of them!

The child will explore sounds, melodies and rhythms, develop musicality, rhythm and self-confidence, enjoy and be proud of its musical creations. A musically experienced person will see Primal drum at their level, and will play it that way, following the rules and techniques he previously learned on his instrument; he will create melodies and rhythms in accordance with how far his musical skills go, and of course – his intuition and curiosity.

No matter the musical level on which a person is, this instrument will offer many opportunities for developing intuitive, rhythmic, melodic, motor and other capacities and potentials, achieve relaxation and stronger self-confidence.


Primal drum has as many as 14 tones (plus a central, small drum, called Primo), and they are all in one, same tonality (scale), C major, D-Wonders flexi or C major 432 Hz flexi scale. Whatever tone we play in a row, one after other, we will not be wrong. This allows us intuitive playing, relaxation and indulging in the music we create.

In addition, 14 tones in C major scale provide an opportunity for children and parents to play various children’s songs and “download” their melodies themselves. This can, along with intuitive playing, provide another dimension of this instrument.


• Number of tones (notes): 14 + Primo (small drum in the middle).
• Type of musical instrument: percussion instrument of the Idiophone family.
• Scales to choose: C major, D-Wonders flexi scale, C-major 432 Hz flexi.
• It is played with sticks or fingers, depending on the atmosphere you want to create.
• Dimensions approx: 40 cm in diameter x 11 cm height.
• Material: steel; coated with anti-corrosion paint.

• Primal drum can be played both by children (from preschool age onwards) and by adults!
• Simple musical instrument to play, suitable even for beginners because it is intuitive.
• With its beauty, resonance and range of sounds will equally satisfy those with no experience and those with longer musical experience.
• It is impossible to play wrong note, so all notes sound good together.
• After production, it is tuned more precisely.
• Unlike other similar instruments, which usually have only 8-10 notes, Primal drum has even 14, which is almost two octaves! Therefore you can, in addition to various improvisations, play many famous songs and compositions from what you heard or if you know how to read notes or simple tablatures!
• Even from the first encounter, it is possible to play it and create various melodies and rhythms.
• Both the instrument and playing sticks are sized for both children and adults.


We especially recommend Primal drum, either for personal or professional use by children or adults, for the following purposes:
– relaxation,
– relieving stress and anxiety,
– meditation and visualization,
– with yoga practice,
– sound therapy,
– development of musical intuition,
– relieving sleep problems,
– working with children (read HERE why Primal drum is valuable for your children),
– encouraging children’s interest in music and musical instruments,
– development of self-confidence,
– development of musicality and rhythm,
– removing blockages and fears of musical instruments and of creating music,
– fun and enjoyment smile laughing


– 1 hour of Primal drum lesson (online or in live),
– quality carrying bag,
– 2 special playing sticks with rubber balls on top,
– hand-embroidered protective ornament (“braid”) around the hoop of the instrument,
– built-in LED light for night atmosphere (see pictures), choose one color OR multicolor; batteries come included.


* Use headphones for best sound experience!
* Click on arrows to find more videos.


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