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Handmade foldable copper pyramid for meditation, relaxation, Pranayama, healing, massage, sleep, etc.


For what reason is the shape of the pyramid so accepted in the world for meditation, relaxation, healing, etc.? In short, because the Great Pyramid in Giza (Egypt), the Nubian Pyramids (Sudan) and the pyramids in some other parts of the world were built on the principle of sacred geometry – the golden cut (golden number).

Golden ratio Φ (phi, fi) is a mathematical constant, present not only in the spoken pyramids but also – in nature, architecture, painting, music, graphics, and the creation in which it is located gives natural, harmonious, balanced and aesthetically “ideal” composition. Golden ratio is compositional law in which minor part refers to major like larger part to the total, and that always in equal ratio of 1 : 1.618.

“The golden ratio is a reminder of the relatedness of the created world to the perfection of its source and of its potential future evolution.”
– Robert Lawlor

golden ratio fibonacci spiral zlatni rez sveta geometrija piramida za meditaciju

How does a pyramid frame created by the golden ratio function and why is it used for decades during all types of meditations, for relaxation, healing, massage, sleep, etc.? 


The shape of pyramid frame itself increases the benefits of meditation, it acts like an antenna for more efficient collection of cosmic energy. The top of the pyramid attracts, collects Cosmos energy and directs it into our energy field. The result is a very relaxed state with numerous physical and metal benefits. Our body relaxes and mind becomes clear.


When we meditate in pyramid, relaxed state without thoughts occurs faster and it is easier to enter a state od meditation – meditative state. Pyramids are excellent conductors of energy and are able to transmit information. When the object is located inside of a pyramid, it gets intensified information about itself. This frequency raises the potential of the elements and “charges” them.


Meditation pyramid can help unblock the pineal gland, otherwise known as the third eye (Ajna, sixth chakra). In meditation, it is that point which is related to connecting with energy of the Cosmos. If it is blocked, we will harder find inner peace and serenity that meditation offers.


Pyramids act like a sound fork to our bodies and mind, balancing our energy centers, chakras. Sacred geometry (golden ratio according to which pyramids are built) has the same giving effect to everything in it – human face and fingers, body of animals, in DNA molecule, in the spiral shape of our galaxy, etc.


Tesla Tower (Wardenclyffe Tower) is known for his start of build in 1892. in order to generate negative ions and rain in drought areas. Pyramids create negative ions, which is among other, researched by scientist and inventor Gary Fosburg in 21th century, and they have a positive effect on the body by helping to reproduce and repair body cells. In addition, it is considered that they have balancing effect on electromagnetic field of the body. This effect is greatly improved if copper is used for building pyramids. Too much positive ions (the result of air pollution) can cause depression and other illnesses.


There is a lot of magnetic concentration in the pyramids, which helps in protecting human body from the harmful effects of negative vibrations, harmful radiation and radio frequencies. With regular use, pyramid can help us in creating beneficial environment for our body’s normal functioning.


Meditation pyramids can help the brain to reach theta frequency while we meditate. Theta is a state of mind where we can instantly change reality. It is also beneficial for instant healing. It is a very powerful mental state, state of deep meditation, deep relaxation and mental clarity. It relieves stress and reduces anxiety in people prone to it, and brings perfect harmony.


Cosmic energy in the pyramid passes through multiple reflections and expand through its interior. It is the way on which the pyramid can concentrate cosmic energy. By staying in it, every cell in the body is filled with cosmic energy (prana or chi) much more and faster than staying outside of it. By increasing level of prana (chi) in the body, human naturally comes to contentment, peace, joy and enthusiasm.


meditation pyramid uses meditations yoga pranayama

– ALL types of meditations (mindfulness meditation, Yogic meditation, guided meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, mantra meditation, transcendental meditation, Metta loving-kindness meditation, visualization meditation, bhakti meditation, Zen meditation, Vipassana meditation, chakra meditation, Taoist meditation, tantric meditation, etc.)
– relaxation,
– practice of breath regulation (Pranayama),
– sleeping,
– all types of healing and self-healing,
– massage and acupuncture,
– energizing your drinking water.


meditation pyramid kirlian photos science research

⦿ Kirlian’s photos show that the aura is significantly brighter after only a 15-minute stay in the pyramid.

⦿ Russian explorers kept larger amounts of salt and pepper in the pyramid, and after used it in the diet for about five thousand people in various selected prisons in Russia. Surprisingly, within a few months, there was a dramatic improvement in their behavior, and majority of criminal behavior almost completely disappeared, while prisons that used “regular” salt and pepper showed no signs of behavior change.

⦿ Dr. Carl Benedicks, a Swedish scientist, discovered that pyramid within itself produces a certain resonance or frequency. Two German scientists, Born and Lertes, came to the same conclusion.

⦿ Bill Kerell, a researcher who has been experimenting with pyramids for about 17 years, in his book states that a doctor from one Canadian hospital told him they used the pyramid in their department for burns. Results were surprising, after a few minutes under pyramid, the patient’s pain began to decrease. They also discovered that the burned areas healed much faster.

⦿ Prof. S. M. Kilmenko and dr. D. N. Nosik from the Institute of Virology Ivanovskii R&D within the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, conducted a study involving the drug veinglobulin, natural compound that fights viruses in humans. They found out that when the drug was diluted to a concentration of 50 micrograms per milliliter and stored for some time in a pyramid, it became approximately three times more effective in fighting the virus.


meditation pyramid benefits Osho Rajneesh


Osho was one of the most provocative and inspiring spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. Osho has had a huge influence on the world of meditation, therapy and personal growth.

OSHO: ”The main reason for building pyramids is energy absorption. Their shape attracts strength. As you sit in the pyramid, you will experience new thoughts that may not be possible outside of it. Its very shape will give you a divine feeling, divine vibrations.

Meditation is easier in the pyramid! If you want to go much deeper into meditation, it’s quite easy in the pyramid. “

meditation pyramid benefits Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji


Brahmarshi Patriji ”Subhash” was spiritual scientist who established “Pyramid Meditation” that combines power of pyramids with technique of meditation. In 1990, he founded “Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement” that today is a worldwide movement having over 30,000 small and big pyramid ashrams across the globe.

PATRIJI: ”It is true that meditation can be done at all places and at all times. However, if we do meditation while sitting in a pyramid, we will receive more universal energy, i.e. cosmic energy. The pyramid is like a magnifying lens. Sun rays are everywhere, but if these sun-rays are focused at a point by using a magnifying lens, even a paper kept at this point will burn.

The word “pyramid” can be split in two parts – these are ‘pyra’ and ‘mid’. ‘Pyra’ means fire and ‘Mid’ indicates a position in the centre or in the ‘middle’. When energy is focused, it gets stronger and its strength doubles or triples. If the strength is increased further, then fire emerges. So, to get the maximum energy from the pyramid, we have to sit in the middle of this fire i.e. pyra + mid!”


Nikola Tesla meditation pyramids

World famous inventor Nikola Tesla said: ”Everything is electricity”. So, the first reason why we use copper as a building material for meditation pyramids is that copper is fantastic conductor of electric energy. If Tesla is right about everything is electricity, then copper material also conducts universal energy very well. One more reason we use it, is that it comes from nature, it is dug out of the ground. Copper (Cu) is naturally-occurring mineral. We humans also have it in our bodies (it helps with many processes in our bodies)!

Copper pipes contain more than 99.9% of pure Copper. That’s why these pipes are the best choice of material for making meditation pyramids. It’s not surprising that it is being used for decades to construct pyramids.


copper meditation pyramid quartz kvarc piramida za meditaciju

In some pictures, on top of our Giza meditation pyramid there is a ball-shaped rock crystal (clear quartz). Rock crystal is universal stone and through our own meditation practice we have discovered that rock crystal enhances the effect of the pyramid and supports healing work.

This ball-shaped rock crystal (clear quartz) you can order as extra!

Energy Amplification: quartz is a highly conductive mineral that is believed to amplify energy fields. When placed on the top of a meditation pyramid, the quartz rock can help to generate and intensify the energy field within the pyramid, which can enhance the meditation experience.

Healing Properties: quartz is known for its healing properties and is often used in crystal healing practices. When placed on the top of a meditation pyramid, the quartz rock can help to balance and align the body’s energy, which can promote physical and emotional well-being.

Clarity of Thought: quartz is said to promote clarity of thought and focus, which can be useful in meditation. By having a quartz rock on the top of the pyramid, meditators can experience a heightened sense of mental clarity, which can make it easier to connect with their inner self.

Aesthetic Appeal: adding a quartz rock to the top of a meditation pyramid can enhance its aesthetic appeal, making it a more attractive and inviting addition to any meditation space.


copper meditation pyramid uneven surfaces giza slope

Our copper meditation pyramids are designed for portability and collapsibility and for using on uneven surfaces in nature. Therefore we make base of coated copper electrical wire, rather than copper pipes. While some pyramid builders prefer to use copper pipes, this method of construction make the pyramid both more expensive and more difficult to set up and transport. This raises the question of whether the base material affects the effectiveness of the pyramid.

According to the collective experience of those who have built and meditated under both types of pyramids (including us) through the period of last few decades, the base material does NOT have an impact on the pyramid’s energetic effects. It is actually the sides of the pyramid that generate and amplify the energy fields, NOT the base. In other words, whether the base is made of copper wire or copper pipes, the effectiveness of the pyramid remains the same.


meditation pyramid top cap copper giza nubian

We feel it’s a right thing to say that copper meditation pyramids without the top (apex) are more budget-friendly compared to pyramids with the top, as they require fewer materials and are easier to construct (and less time needed).

Technically, it is not possible for a pyramid made of pipes to have a naturally pipe-made apex because pipes are not designed for that purpose. That’s why we create a pyramid top by attaching sheets of copper, connected together only by copper smelting, so NO other material beside copper is being used!

This pyramid top you can order as extra!

Conclusion: the shape of a meditation pyramid, rather than the presence of a top or base, is what is believed to generate and amplify energy fields. Therefore, the absence of a top or base does not affect the ability of the pyramid to perform its intended purpose.


We hand made two types of foldable (collapsible) copper pyramids for meditation, healing, Pranayama etc.

piramida za meditaciju primal meditation pyramid giza

1. Following the model of the Great (Cheops) Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

– hand made according to sacred geometry (golden ratio)
– for sitting on the floor, lying, massage
– foldable: quick assembly and disassembly in 30 – 60 seconds
– NO tools are required
– materials used: copper pipes (made of more than 99.9% of pure Copper), coated copper wire (for pyramid base), wood (for connectors), small iron ring + FREE 4 copper caps (to protect floors in your home)
– when assembled, it occupies approximately 175 x 175 cm of space on the ground (≈ 69 inch x 69 inch)
– slope: according to Giza pyramid slope angle 51.83° (approximately)
– suitable for use both in the house and in nature
– can be used on uneven surfaces and slopes in nature
– lower slope angle and lower peak height than Nubian meditation pyramid has
– great for grounding
– great for healing
– often used for working with the lower four chakras: 1. Root Chakra (Muladhara), 2. Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana), 3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), 4. Heart Chakra (Anahata)
– on the top of our Giza meditation pyramid you can choose to put copper pyramid top (small Giza pyramid) or/and a ball-shaped rock crystal (clear quartz); rock crystal is universal stone and through our own practice we have discovered that it enhances the effect of the pyramid and supports healing work.

*** EXTRAS to order, available with Giza pyramid ***
+ copper pyramid top,
+ ball-shaped rock crystal
+ carrying bag made to measure,
+ 4 pcs of copper caps to protect floors,
+ 4 pcs of coated copper wire,
+ copper cleaning cloth.

nubijska piramida za meditaciju nubian meditation pyramid 3

2. Following the model of the Nubian Pyramids (Pyramids of Meroë) in Sudan, Africa.

– hand made according to sacred geometry (golden ratio)
– for sitting on the floor or chair
– foldable: quick assembly and disassembly in 30 – 60 seconds
– NO tools are required
– materials used: copper pipes (made of more than 99.9% of pure Copper), coated copper wire (for pyramid base), wood (for connectors), small iron ring + FREE 4 copper caps (to protect floors in your home)
– when assembled, it occupies approximately 115 x 115 cm of space on the ground (≈ 45 inch x 45 inch)
– slope: according to Nubian pyramids in Sudan (Pyramids of Meroë) slope angle 72° (approximately)​
– suitable for use both in the house and in nature
– can be used on uneven surfaces and slopes in nature
– sharper slope angle and greater height of the top than the Giza meditation pyramid has
– great for grounding
– great for healing

– often used for working with the upper three chakras: 5. Throat Chakra (Vishuddha), 6. Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna), 7. Crown Chakra (Sahasrara).
– on the top of our Nubian meditation pyramid you can choose to put copper pyramid top (small Giza pyramid).

*** EXTRAS to order, available with Nubian pyramid ***
+ copper pyramid top,
+ carrying bag made to measure,
+ 4 pcs of copper caps to protect floors,
+ 4 pcs of coated copper wire,
+ copper cleaning cloth.

Primal meditation pyramid – your personal Himalayas!


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