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WHAT YOU can acquire

Wonders of living.

Re-energize yourself

Find balance

Find balance

Clear your mind

Clear your mind

Relax & refresh

Relieve stress & anxiety

Relieve stress & anxiety

Heal yourself

Heal yourself

About us

We believe in a world created with our own perspective. 

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Our logo

Primal Wonders logo (three circles and a cylinder) was created spontaneously. Four little copper pipes were lying on the table made a creation, which we perceived as our logo shortly after leaving meditation.

“Nature is full of wonders; every atom is a standing miracle.”

— Joseph Addison, writer


What people are saying.

“I have been meditating for many years now. Since I have met with Primal Wonders copper meditation pyramid, I realised that entering a meditative state can be much lighter and faster, and completely natural and healthy.”

Melanie Lang

Marketing Manager

“For me, Primal drum is more than just a drum. It is a tool I use almost daily in my personal meditation and for the yoga group I lead. My students are thrilled and always looking forward to hearing Primal drum again.”

Isabell Becker

Yoga Instructor & Sound Healer

Ready to find your wonder?

“There are NO limits. There are plateus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. A man must constantly exceed his level.”

― Bruce Lee